Toso Dollars

Here at Toso Orthodontics we want you to have a fabulous smile! But, we can't do it alone! We need you to be an active participant in your orthodontic treatment. So we created a great new prize program to help motivate your braces care.

You can earn 1 Toso Dollar for:

  • Arriving on Time for Your Appointments
  • Good Dental Hygiene
  • Wearing Your Rubberbands
  • Getting an "A" on Your Report Card
  • Wearing Your Toso Orthodontics T-Shirt
  • No Broken Brackets
  • "Liking" us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat

You can earn 2 Toso Dollars for:

  • Dental Cleaning Certificate

The more Toso Dollars you earn, the greater the Prizes and Gift Cards!

"I love Toso Orthodontics! The staff is so kind. You can do all sorts of tasks to get extra Toso dollars for your next visit. For the holidays, they sometimes have activities where you can win Toso dollars. For Easter, they had little eggs you could choose from and you could get a certain amount of Toso dollars. This is very kid friendly because they have many things that make you feel comfortable. They are very gentle, they tell you what they are going to do, and they will ask you how you're doing and if you are comfortable. I would definitely recommend Toso for kids." -Devy B. (Yelp Review-2015)

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