Toso Kids Club
Exploring Orthodontic Treatment At A Young Age!

At Toso Orthodontics, we do everything possible to make your orthodontic experience exciting and fun, even if you are not ready for treatment. Along with the American Association of Orthodontists, we recommend that a child receive their first orthodontic screening at the age of 7. Our Early Explorers are our patients who are not ready for Orthodontic Treatment just yet and their younger siblings.

When you join our club, you receive your very own membership card and can earn Toso Dollars by wearing your Toso T-shirt. You will be able to participate in our contests, patient parties, and earn prizes designed especially for our Early Explorers.

As an Early Explorer, you will automatically be enrolled in our Pre-Treatment Growth and Guidance Program where you'll be seen every 6-9 months to monitor your dental growth and development, once you celebrate your 7th birthday. Dr. Jamie will make sure that your baby teeth are coming out on time and that your permanent teeth are able to grow into their proper positions, minimizing more extensive and lengthy treatment at a later age. When you are ready for orthodontic treatment, you will graduate from the Early Explorer Program and become an official patient in Active Treatment!

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